This is not really about me, but it is!

Version 21.0 (As and when I change, I’ll be updating my versions!)

Have you ever stitched clothes manually and then somehow the thread got tangled or ever dropped coffee on the book you are reading and created a mess or noticed a piece of paper you kept in your bag and forgot, which got crumbled by other things in your bag? I am that tangled thread, that spilled coffee mess, that crumbled paper. I am the mess which happens accidentally but is so insignificant that you hardly pay much heed to it. I don’t want to sound like a cliche, but my whole life, starting from my room(you can see that in the photo), my artworks, my childhood, my relationships, my career, my family(just a little bit) and every other thing in which I am involved, consciously or unconsciously,  is nothing but a cliched mess.

Hostel Room (my side of room): a screaming example of the mess I was talking about

Partly because I like messy things or because I am a highly confused person. Well calling myself confused would be an understatement. I am more of an unsorted heap of randomly accumulated thoughts, thoughts which leads mostly to nowhere. Also I never make decisions, because given a choice to either do or die, I would first try to sit on the fence and gamble my way to stay somewhere in between, that is partially doing that stuff and partially dying because of it, but not picking the side. Surely I can make a decision if you point a gun on my head and threaten to kill me but even then there is a possibility that I might talk you out of it. But that is highly unlikely to happen. My manipulative skills are as good as  I-don’t-have-any-manipulative-skills, but hey no harm in trying(unless you were serious about killing me, were you?)

The point is, by now you probably would have guessed, the way that I have started talking about myself, that I am an honest yet a terrible story teller, aka thebadstoryteller(TBST). Fair warning to whomever is going to read the posts, my stories may have a huge build up with a disappointing end, they may have loaded drama but no climax, they may not even have a story in the first place or they could be picture perfect. In conclusion, keep your bar of expectations as low as possible, if fact don’t keep any!


One thought on “This is not really about me, but it is!

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