Mr. Biker

Dear Mr. Biker,
The traveler, the dreamer,
My risk, my rebel, my daydream,
Chasing the cars,
The midnight stars,
You unravel the mysteries,
Of the future and your histories,
The taste of cigarette on your lips,
The roughness of your fingertips,
The sighs you take,
The promises you make,
The risk you take,
The unwritten rules you break,
The way you ride,
The things you hide,
The pauses that you hate,
The games you play against the fate,
The crooked smile on your face,
The way you stare into the space,
The color of your eyes,
Your uncountable lies,
Your insecurities, your fears,
Your jealousy, your tears,
The way you fight,
Or call in the middle of the night,
Every little thing of yours makes my heart race,
Makes my heart break!

Oh Mr. Rider
Our bleak and uncertain tomorrow,
Sometimes source of joy, sometimes sorrow,
Let’s leave behind probability of being us,
Let’s Leave behind the drama and all the fuss,
Let’s not hold on for the wrong reasons,
Let’s make all the unmade decisions,
Let’s create a world full of opportunities,
And accomplish all impossible possibilities,
Let’s not dwell into the future or past,
Let’s make memories to long last,
May be then some day,
In another parallel universe,
perhaps one day it’ll be our day!


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