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Lying on my bed, the street light filling up my entire room with a faint golden glow, I am staring at my ceiling fan and wondering if the fan is rotating in the clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction. It's 1 am now. It was 9 pm, when I returned home and the bed looked so … Continue reading Bedtime!


Window I found the depth, The depth of the stare, The stare of your eyes, Your eyes are my reflection. I found the innocence, The innocence of your smile, The smile of your happiness, Your happiness is my joy. I found the warmth, The warmth of your touch, The touch of the hold of your … Continue reading Window


Letter from an aunt to her future niece.

Dear Pudina, Yes, I named you pudina. Your mother was totally against it, but I was determined to name you pudina even before you were conceived, before your mother met your father. It was one saturday morning when I was forcefully dragged into the kitchen, obviously by your mother, to help her cook lunch. Because … Continue reading Letter from an aunt to her future niece.


Trust Issues

Leaning against the wall, she looked out of the window. The moon was of the shape of the chapati she used to make( when she was learning how to cook), just a few days away from full moon. She hummed, 'hmmm' every now and then to the things he said from the other side of … Continue reading Trust Issues


This is not really about me, but it is!

Version 21.0 (As and when I change, I'll be updating my versions!) Have you ever stitched clothes manually and then somehow the thread got tangled or ever dropped coffee on the book you are reading and created a mess or noticed a piece of paper you kept in your bag and forgot, which got crumbled … Continue reading This is not really about me, but it is!